With our up and coming team of experienced specialists we offer
a professional construction service and various services for
Construction management / architecture offices and construction companies in Switzerland
and in Germany.
We do not only take over general construction management tasks but also accompany
you on request with the supervision of labor-intensive tasks and the
routine handling of specific problems.
Depending on where the shoe pinches, we can support your project team in the following areas
Effectively relieve topics:

Calculation & Acquisition

Do you urgently need new orders? Ask us. We offer the following services and support you with perseverance and a lot of experience in winning orders.

  • Quantity determination
  • Calculation
  • Acquisition
  • Tenders
  • Invoicing, dimensions / allowances

Contract management

The complexity of today’s construction projects requires comprehensive consideration and analysis of the contract contents as a basis for smooth communication between all project participants and for the successful implementation of the project goals.

Claim Management

The complexity and price pressure of today’s construction projects require an expert and comprehensive analysis of the contract contents as a basis for the successful implementation of your project goals. Take advantage of our expertise and experience in integrated contract and supplement management.

Cost management

The transparent handling of costs is one of the central tasks of construction management. Good cost management enables good decisions at the right time, prevents budget problems, reduces financial misjudgements, serves the trustful cooperation of all project participants and above all – it initiates important internal learning processes for future projects. However, dealing with the numbers in a meaningful and correct way has its pitfalls and is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Appointment Management

Successful and effective scheduling takes into account not only the pure project process, but also clear rules of play between the project participants and a structure of responsibility. The interdependence between individual planning steps must be contractually regulated in advance and coordinated on an ongoing basis. Scheduling is much more than just a graphical stringing together of project steps.

Dimensions, mass determination, billing

Accurate knowledge of the scope of work and the work performed is the basis of a company’s accounting and thus its liquidity, especially in the case of unit-price work contracts. But quantities do not only play a role in billing. Accurate knowledge of the true amount of work required in terms of quantities and qualities of labour and materials is crucial right from the quotation stage. Do you blindly trust all the information in tenders and bills of quantities? Good luck with the acquisition, then.


In deadlocked situations, it is not always expedient to send a lawyer into the ring, because this often triggers an automatic exchange of blows which, from a financial point of view, usually benefits the opponents less than the gentlemen of the guild. With neutrality, objectivity and a great deal of empathy, it is often possible to find a way forward that not only keeps an eye on the paragraphs and “drawers” of the legal situation, but also seeks a solution that is fair and equitable on all argumentative levels.

interim management

As a provider of ideas and strategic signposts with a high level of social competence, we place ourselves at your and your employees’ side. We ask the necessary questions in an orderly and methodical manner and analyse the weaknesses and strengths of operational processes and structures as well as the situational opportunities and risks of your company with an unbiased mind and a fresh eye. It is on this jointly developed foundation, supported by insight and trust, that we point the way forward.