As interim managers, we take on responsibility immediately, contribute the necessary knowledge and skills as a team, and leave as soon as the succession is secured and the agreed goals have been achieved.

We take over where the shoe pinches: in partial areas of management or in the entire operational area of small and medium-sized construction companies in order to

  • Crises to cope with
  • Drive your business goals forward
  • to bridge bottlenecks at the management level caused by staff absences or vacancies
  • Identify problems and implement sustainable solutions
  • Accelerate change processes
  • make up leeway
  • to cope with a temporary overload of orders

In doing so, we lead your employees to their goals in a motivating, appreciative and responsible manner.

For us, interim management means much more than just temporary management. We place ourselves at your side and at the side of your employees as providers of ideas and strategic signposts with a high level of social competence. With experience and methodical expertise, we assume management responsibility for defined assignments in small and medium-sized construction companies.

In doing so, we orient ourselves according to your requirements. On request, we are not only available for a short time, but also for a longer period.

We manage crises, close gaps and create free space.

  • Establishment of new business areas
  • Organizational Development
  • Process optimization
  • Restructuring and reorganization
  • Project Management
  • Vacancy bridging

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