For most clients, the timely completion of a project is an important objective that can significantly determine the course of the project. This may, for example, have to do with contractual delivery obligations or expiring leases. Apart from this, the benefit of a projected object for a client naturally only occurs with the successful completion of the project.

Realistic scheduling requires a clear structuring of the project and is the basis for later schedule control. The time schedule contains the exact sequence of the planning as well as the individual stages of realisation of the project – arranged according to trades and component-related services.

Care must be taken to identify and communicate the planners’ dependencies on client input at an early stage. A clear and coordinated definition of the project-internal rules of the game is an important prerequisite for all further processes and for active intervention and countermeasures in the event of problems and delays.

If the course is set right from the start, the construction progress can be monitored smoothly and the planned deadlines can be reliably met.

In order to support you professionally with the timely implementation of your projects, we offer the following structured services:

Framework and rough time scheduling

Construction programs as contract enclosures

Documentary regulations

Planned delivery program

Keeping of incoming plan lists for schedule control and documentation of planning

Analysis of deadline-relevant processes and corresponding correspondence