The planning process cannot take place without the involvement of the client. The wishes and technical requirements must be clearly defined for planners and project participants. The client’s vision should be translated, so to speak, into the language of the construction people, as seamlessly as possible, in order to avoid the typical problems and disputes of construction.

In the role of owner’s representative, we will be a part of your internal team and stand by your side to discuss the right decisions with you and find optimal solutions.

Deadline targets must be balanced with regard to the interaction with the costs, and legal and technical challenges, such as the building ground or the neighbouring buildings, must be recognised and transferred into a target-oriented planning and execution strategy. It is not uncommon for construction companies and planners to pursue interests that are sometimes different, trying to keep their own risks and costs low or to increase revenue opportunities.

The flood of building regulations and legal provisions, which are becoming more and more complicated, also contributes to the fact that individual parties involved in the construction quickly lose the overview or overlook critical details, not infrequently to the detriment of the smooth construction process and thus also to the detriment of the building owner.

If a private builder does not have the necessary expertise and does not bring this on board at an early stage
on board
If a private developer does not have the necessary expertise and does not get it on board early on, he can quickly become the victim of other financial interests instead of remaining a driving, controlling force himself.

By your side, we ensure that you are always in control, the sooner the better.