Planning – Planning coordination

SANDBOX PROJECTS accompanies you through all phases of your project – from preparation, planning, coordination and control of the execution to the turnkey handover, taking over every level of responsibility that optimally supports your project goal.

We are not a classical architectural office and we do not (yet) offer planning services for complex projects “in-house”. For residential buildings, interior design, retail, conversions, refurbishments as well as small projects, we can already provide and successfully implement all the required architectural services with our team without any problems.

interior design

Due to our focus on commercial tenant fit-outs, we specialise in planning open-plan offices for discerning tenants and international companies who want to offer their employees ideal working conditions and an environment that encourages motivation. Based on our personal experience and years of working with a wide variety of clients in this market dominated by global players, we have developed an expert eye and a deeper understanding of our clients’ planning goals and their practical feasibility.

We also offer our planning and execution services in tenant fit-out as a complete TU solution under our Design & Build label SANDBOX INTERIORS. Just ask us!

Pre-planning / planning strategy

It is crucial for the success of the project that the client knows exactly what he wants. This is the first planning stage or planning phase and forms the foundation for the success of the project. What sounds self-evident is sometimes far less trivial than it first appears, because many builders, not only private ones, already have difficulties at this stage in defining their specifications and concepts from the outset and in making clear decisions.

In the case of larger and more complex projects, the client is often assisted by pure concept architects who are familiar with the client’s needs and requirements. Alternatively, industry-specific project developers or owner’s representatives experienced in the subject matter can be used.

For smaller or private building projects, architects slip into this role and, together with the client, develop a concrete concept that takes into account the local conditions and the available funds.

Only when the wishes have been clarified, all pros and cons have been discussed, thought through and evaluated by mutual agreement, can the architect’s actual work begin. Thus, in this “B2C” model of collaboration and planning, it is strictly speaking a dual role.

Service phases acc. SIA

In “B2B” large-scale projects, on the other hand, planning on the customer side (vision, wishes) is often separate and contractually located on a different side from execution planning (concrete implementation), and the task can sometimes even be shaped by conflicting interests.

"Architecture begins in the mind!"

Thorough forethought is the surest remedy for painful aftermaths. Well thought-out planning is the guarantee that the functional and financial specifications of our clients are implemented in the best possible way.

In order to successfully follow this path, we offer the following planning services as modular building blocks for successful project planning:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Consultations (responsibility structures, contract design, laws)
  • Condition Analysis & Assessments (How is my property doing?)
  • Property and building analyses (What should/could be achieved?)
  • Object strategies, potential assessments
  • Variant comparisons
  • Planning strategy, pre-planning (Who has to do what?)
  • Materialization concepts
  • Stage-appropriate refurbishment concepts
  • Input planning
  • Execution and detailed planning
  • 3D scan & visualizations
  • Tenders (price, quality, reliability).
  • Specifications for architects, specialist planners and engineers

Planning, foundation of trust

We are a young and extremely well connected team. If necessary, external partners and long-time companions can be involved in projects at short notice and form a tried and tested staff to ensure that we implement our commitments safely and reliably over the entire duration of the project.

  • Organization in the extended team
  • Close cooperation with long-standing partners and specialists
  • Cost-conscious
  • On schedule
  • Ecologically aware and oriented towards sustainability
  • Creative and imaginative
  • Powerful & Flexible

Planning & Execution / Design & Build

As market-experienced professionals, we are also happy to offer our TU services to our clients upon request. In addition to construction, this also includes all necessary planning services, which are helpful for successful project execution.

  • Project planning with specialist planners
  • Budget and time planning
  • Obtaining permits
  • Tendering, obtaining offers
  • execution and detail plans
  • Contracting, coordination
  • Execution, on-site construction management
  • Administration and accounting
  • Official approvals
  • Financial statements, audit documents