Project development, conception, planning, realisation and furnishing in the hotel, gastronomy and wellness sectors as well as in the office and micro living sectors are our core competences. In addition, we prefer to engage in areas that synergistically support our ideas and specifically seek suitable partnerships, e.g. in the distribution of TUBBO weather protection tubes, prefabricated wet cells or prefabricated, modular timber construction solutions, up to prefabricated houses.

If you wish, we can develop residential building projects on your property or search for suitable plots of land for you to implement your building ideas.

In addition to conventional construction projects, we have developed a series of business models and construction projects, for the successful implementation of which newly developed building forms and furnishing concepts provide the basis.

Our startup think tank LITE Ventures develops fresh ideas and concepts that we would like to realize in cooperation with interested investors at suitable locations.

LITE is short for Low Impact To Environment. The goals of this architecture lie in the improved quality of life and joie de vivre of an urban civilization. Essential basic features are simplicity and practicality, compactness in space requirements, naturalness of building materials and materials, robust construction and design that does not look worn out even after years, timeless aesthetics, integration of natural habitat and air-purifying plants, and last but not least our constructional focus, noise protection.

The human being should be emphasized as an individual, strengthened in his freedom and importance, experience appreciation through the built environment, feel home, live and make noise carefree, find support in the community without subordinating himself to a collective swarm culture.

LITE stands for sustainability and responsibility but also for progress and technical development.

LITE Tower

At the heart of this business model is the idea of individual free space. In order to solve the typical problems of urban coexistence, we have designed a building with sound-decoupled usage units that provides rentable space for noise-intensive usage requests.

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LITE Homes

Under the label LITE HOMES we develop Micro Living living concepts and objects, which are characterized by space-saving and high-quality design. Due to the compactness of the residential units, the living space remains inexpensive and affordable, even for younger people, despite the high standard of development.

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LITE Hotels

LITE HOTELS is a concept that reinvents and revolutionizes the business models of traditional hotels. We develop lifestyle hotels that are designed to stand out from the competition with high-quality furnishings and a certain wow effect.

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With LITE SPA we are pursuing a simple but not so easy idea to combine wellness with the efficiency, speed and above all the availability of fast food restaurants.

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