Interior design and general planning for companies

Creatively designed as well as functionally and ergonomically furnished workplaces and offices inspire, increase motivation and performance of employees, no one will seriously deny that anymore.

However, numerous practical and work-psychological factors have to be taken into account so that work processes, customer contacts, recovery time and, last but not least, the budget all fit under one roof.

We offer the expertise needed to design and conceptualize offices of all sizes, coworking spaces, social hubs, recreational areas and cafeterias, auditoriums and even hospitality operations.

We will be happy to advise you on all aspects of your tenant fit-out.

Not only that: If you wish, we can take over the project management with execution and control of all companies and trades under the umbrella of general planning for your office projects, so that quality, deadlines and costs run according to plan and you only have to worry about one thing, the formulation of your wishes and your concrete ideas.

Good interior design is based on facts and visions

Before we get started with the design process, we clarify a whole series of questions with you, for example:

  • Are there already concepts for the use of the premises?
  • Is the project still at the very beginning and are locations and objects to be evaluated first?
  • Is there any information on the occupancy of workstations and required infrastructure?
  • Which services and trades do you need to successfully implement the project?
  • Which office designs, material combinations and colour palettes appeal to you in particular?
  • Is a budgeted cost framework established?

We also work with you to define the necessary bases, from needs assessments or occupancy studies to property and location evaluations. And if the ideas and concepts are already fully developed, we can proceed directly to the creation of the interior design.

The most beautiful concepts are useless if they break the budget. That is why we talk to you about the expected costs right from the start. Our cost estimates are based on experience figures of similar projects and help to define a framework before lofty ideas are put on paper that are not feasible.

Tenant and office fit-outs from the general planner
Are you not familiar enough with the construction world or do you not have the time to coordinate the project yourself and be on site all the time? With us you will receive competent general planning including project management, construction management, schedule and cost control. You can be confident that every connection is in the right place, the floor coverings are neatly laid, the costs stay within budget and the employees can resume their work at the scheduled time.

Our range of services

Preparation phase

  • Object and location evaluation
  • Occupancy studies (in clarification and agreement with the cantonal workplace guidelines and the Office of Economic and Labour Affairs, AWA).
  • Presentation of innovative workplace concepts
  • Cost estimates / cost plan / contract / payment plan
  • Preliminary talks with property managers and building authorities

Design phase

  • On request only planning / general planning
  • On request complete project planning incl. General planning and executionat a guaranteed fixed price (TU model)
  • 3D sketches, floor plan studies
  • Interior design comprehensive
  • 3D scanning and modeling
  • Office planning and layout
  • Concepts for lighting, climate and acoustics
  • Colour and material concepts
  • Furniture and technical equipment (white noise, AV, ergonomics such as height-adjustable reception desk and back-friendly seating, etc.)

Execution phase

  • Tenders and awards
  • Procurement
  • Project and local construction management
  • Documentation and audit records
  • Branding and lettering (signage) on request
  • On request audio-video (AV) consulting, planning and installation

Healthy, sustainable and attractive workplaces in vogue

To a convincing
corporate image
also includes the health of employees and attractive business premises that convey a feeling of appreciation both internally and externally.

Company health management (BGM) or labels such as
Friendly Work Space
are becoming increasingly important in the world of work. Employees who feel good are more productive, more motivated and the best ambassadors for the company.

With simple ideas, improve the atmosphere in the working environment

  • Greening of walls or plants as separating elements for better room air and more privacy
  • Calming or invigorating colour scheme, matched to the use of the room
  • Elements that absorb disturbing noise and optimise the acoustics
  • Luminaires that produce natural, flicker-free light and do not dazzle
  • Height-adjustable work surfaces and different seating options to prevent back problems
  • Separate areas for concentrated work, video conferences or confidential meetings, set up soundproof telephone booths
  • Set up zones for social exchange or workshops
  • Integrate fitness zones, create athletic showers and changing facilities.


At our new location in THE VALLEY Kemptthal we are currently preparing a coworking office landscape with several model facilities and a total of 5 different design zones:

  • Entrance area & reception
  • Business Style
  • Student Style
  • Bali Lounge Style (Social Hub 1)
  • Swiss-Alphütten-Style (Social Hub 2)

From October 2021, a wide range of office furniture, pods, room-in-room systems, partition elements, room configurations and interior design variations can be explored and vividly experienced live on site with us. Don’t just discuss your ideas and wishes with us – try it out for yourself!