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We are now the official distributor of TUBBO in Switzerland and offer the high quality weather protection tubes as a permanent or temporary OUTDOOR addition for hotels and restaurants.

Now that Corona restrictions have been relaxed, guests can dine in luxurious surroundings and enjoy panoramic views even in windy weather.

On request we offer an unbeatable complete service including advice, installation, preparation, environmental work, subsequent maintenance, cleaning and regular disinfection.

Prepare early for the expected rush of visitors after the lockdown and contact us in time! Delivery times are currently up to 12 weeks.



Outdoor solution for restaurant terraces and bars


The Tubbo “Winter Garden” is a modular, easy to implement extension for bars, hotels and restaurants that will have a doubly positive effect on your turnover. In addition to the direct increase in sales due to a larger space, the high-quality design transforms even the most inconspicuous outdoor area into an attractive and inviting place, an invaluable advertising effect that is registered by passing road users and passers-by and exerts an irresistible attraction on them.

Tubbo is a modular structure with an attractive design, easy installation and self-supporting profitability.

  • Weather protection through heating, cooling and ventilation.
  • Modular and temporary. Tubbo is basically a mobile structure.
  • Quick assembly & disassembly (1-2 days).
  • No building required.
  • Independent of the floor / substructure, with the possibility of anchoring.
  • Attractive equipment and lighting concepts.
  • Flexibly adaptable dimensions and shapes.

During the winter, the terraces remain open and adapt to the cold and rain to provide a perfectly protected space to enjoy. There are various ventilation, heating and cooling solutions, we even offer air purifiers.

Cost-effectively create a unique atmosphere for your customers to enjoy food and drinks with family and friends, whatever the season. Be it a restaurant, snack bar, beer garden, an event VIP area, a cocktail bar or a roof terrace.

With the possibility to design, decorate and equip TUBBO in different ways, you can always adapt TUBBO precisely to the needs of your catering concept:

  • Incorporate tables for an outdoor restaurant.
  • Incorporate sofas for a chill-out VIP bar.
  • Adapt ventilation units for smoking areas.
  • Promote brands by custom printing on the surfaces.




No big down payment, no big investment. Now you can order your TUBBO® with a flexible monthly installment plan and start earning higher revenues from the first day after delivery and setup.

Increase your profitability with our TUBBO® Leasing Program.

Summer’s over. The terraces have been the mainstay of restaurants, bars and cafés and the favourite spot of customers who have enjoyed enjoying their drinks outdoors in recent months. Cold and rain return. The seasonal closing of most outdoor seating ends the best time of the year.

Does winter also end customers’ desire to enjoy the sky, the landscape or the view outside? We are sure that this is not so. It is only necessary to offer guests beautiful, comfortable rooms that protect them from the weather fluctuations.
Tubbo was designed for this purpose. It is a transparent gallery with an attractive, eye-catching, timelessly avant-garde design that creates a safe and comfortable outdoor environment (depending on the equipment, TUBBO can withstand winds of up to 200km /h and snow loads of up to 1m). And, very importantly, Tubbo makes it easier to obtain planning permission as its installation does not alter the ground and does not require anchor points.
Because it is built in modules, it can be adapted to the needs of almost any space and environment (a Tubbo of about 10 m can comfortably accommodate tables for 30 guests). Since it is transparent all around, you can feel like you are outdoors, but thanks to heating, air conditioning and lighting, you get a unique comfort at the same time.
With Tubbo you can keep the terrace open all year round and offer an attraction that will make your establishment stand out from the competition and become an important additional source of income for your business, even in the autumn and winter seasons. And in summer, the TUBBO conservatory can be dismantled or equipped with sunshades and air-conditioning units (rain and wind also exist in summer).
If you are worried about whether you can afford the investment, why not look into the possibility of financing and get a quote! It pays off.




Creating a useful, profitable space in the winter with a modular, removable and attractive structure is a great way to improve your sales.
Enhance your business space with a modern, cutting-edge design, and multiple options (permanent, temporary, or even mobile with wheels):

  • Showrooms
  • Markets & Street Stalls
  • Information points
  • Events, Exhibitions & Fairs
  • Restaurants & Snack Bars
  • Shops & Pop-Up-Stores
  • Waiting rooms




The flexibility and durability of the TUBBO construction makes TUBBO ideal for use as a bus shelter and weather protection at public bus stops.




The intimacy of a Tubbo pod provides a quiet and comfortable area outside the home to work, study, meditate, play guitar or listen to our favorite music or podcasts in a focused manner, away from our daily duties and/or decoupled from the noisy family life that is not always conducive to home office productivity.

Having a place of our own is essential for a balanced mind and an important tool for realizing our potential. If we let our mind gather strength in peace and harmony, we will at the same time have more energy for our family. The right balance of closeness and distance is often the secret of happy relationships and a fulfilling family life.

If we consistently separate work from home in a way that is healthy and thriving for both parts, living together can benefit.




Children’s rooms are usually far too small to accommodate your children’s boundless urge to play and need for space. Toys lying around tug at parents’ nerves. Arguing about cleaning up is part of everyday life in every family. Why don’t they just move the play zone outdoors? Turn your backyard into a limitless playground experience all 365 days of the year, where they can play carefree and enjoy the outdoor experience.




In the world of marketing, new ideas and campaigns are always welcome. Give your promotions and sponsored events an extra competitive edge, stand out with an eye-catching solution. TUBBO offers many possibilities to individually design surfaces for brand branding, to stage information points, stages and stands for product placements and promotion purposes in a stylish and effective way.




Designed for the perfect indoor or outdoor experience and ideal for smokers to feel comfortable anywhere without disturbing non-smokers. A great solution for shopping malls, lounge terraces and bars, for example.




Always in contact with nature and the environment! Get the most out of your gym, sports centre, resort; with unique concepts for fitness and health, and the ability to set up outdoor sports and wellness equipment to suit the diverse needs of your particular clientele.

TUBBO also offers a perfect complement for sporting events, as new spaces can be quickly and flexibly provided or modified for information points, waiting areas, training zones, catering & staff rooms, etc.




There is hardly any other sport that can benefit as much from TUBBO as winter sports. Ice and snow, sub-zero temperatures, rapid weather changes, and yet the focus should be on fun, safety for families and children, and the breathtaking panorama of the mountains can only be fully appreciated under a glass roof.




It is the perfect gift for your partner, a unique memory to enjoy and relax. Contact us to learn more about this 2-3 module solution for hospitality businesses such as hotels, apartments and golf resorts.

Natural light, views, outdoor experience and protected privacy. Among many other things, pop-up hotels by TUBBO offer a unique solution to experience the outside world while staying indoors.




Shelter for people with style, an architectural innovation that blends into the landscape and creates a unique experience.

  • Airports & Ports: Passenger boarding bridges – Security checks – Protected external routes
  • Riverbank passages – Meeting points – Building connecting paths – Safe parking connections
  • Ski & winter sports resorts: Ski carpets – Lift queues
  • Shopping centres: commercial and sales areas – information points – promotional areas
  • Theme parks: Queues – Monitoring the flow of people
  • Large events and productions: Entrance control – Connections between zones – Waiting areas



Ephemeral Architecture Certificate

The TUBBO® Ephemeral Architecture certificate identifies our product as a temporary structure. This certification is a useful tool when applying for official building permits from municipalities and building authorities. It documents that TUBBO is a ground independent structure that does not need to be attached to the base. After deconstruction, the result resembles the previous state. It is a purely temporary construction that can be set up and dismantled quickly and dry.

The Ephemeral Architecture certificate ensures that TUBBO Lounge LO-2800 is a modular and lightweight outdoor structure that solves the problem of temporarily enclosing a space – comparable to a tent – to protect it from the elements, especially in the hospitality industry. The enclosure is transparent to minimize visual impact wherever the structure is placed.

This system has a sophisticated design to make it visually very easy and allows for quick assembly and disassembly, taking a maximum of between 2-3 days, depending on size and equipment. The system is designed to safely withstand wind and snow loads.
Other criteria:

  • TUBBO travels compactly in the truck.
  • TUBBO is assembled by hand.
  • No cranes are required.
  • TUBBO can be installed in any outdoor area, garden, terrace or roof.
  • No concrete floor is required.
  • Installation is carried out by assembly specialists trained by TUBBO.
  • Plug and Play Installation.

Download TUBBO® LOUNGE Extended Info (PDF)
Download TUBBO® LOUNGE Complete (PDF)




COVID 19 has changed our lifestyle. Some things will disappear, others will remain. Working and learning from home (home office) is more likely to come to the fore.

Confinement has taught us many things, one of which is that we need our personal space. A place where we can concentrate in peace and harmony. If we create an independent and isolated area, we can better do the rest of the things we do without being disturbed by others. TUBBO creates this space: independent and transparent

Home used to be the purely private place where you went after work to have dinner, to rest. That has tended to change. During the lockdown, our homes and apartments suddenly became our schools, our gyms, our offices, our living spaces as well.

More and more people are starting to be more conscious about investing in beautifying their private areas, homes and outdoor spaces. Especially balconies, terraces and open spaces become favourite places if they are well equipped. Outside means quality.

TUBBO designs interiors that are integrated into the outdoor landscape.

Natural light, views, transparency, outdoor experience, protected privacy and comfort. TUBBO offers a unique solution to experience the outside world while staying indoors.

Perfect weather protection for northern latitudes while enjoying the views and scenery. A concept for the future.


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